Project Management Exam Preparation for the Upcoming New Version

Anyone who must take the professional exam from the Project Management Institute for career purposes needs to learn that significant changes are ahead as of January 2021. If someone cannot complete the exam before then, this person must include additional information in study materials since new questions will be asked. The Institute has communicated that the new Project Management Exam will be longer and harder than the previous one, which already was quite rigorous.

Extra Preparation

The Institute, commonly called PMI, has actually been planning this change for a long time. The organization has announced the change previously with different deadline dates but has kept moving that date farther out. Nevertheless, anyone planning to complete the exam after 2020 should expect to do the extra preparation work, just in case.

Changes to Expect

The current version of the test mainly focuses on technical aspects of project management. The upcoming version might be considered more holistic. The exam taker now must show the skills, experience and knowledge required to be an effective project manager and leader.

Verifying Expertise

Being able to answer technical questions correctly is still crucial, but these other aspects ensure proficiency in those areas. Employers have the extra assurance that applicants can efficiently and successfully complete large, complicated projects.

Exam Simulators

Using an exam simulator with practice questions is strongly recommended so men and women have a better chance of passing the first time. Only about half of the exam takers get a passing score the first time, which shows just how difficult the test is. Candidates are allowed to take the test two more times within 12 months. However, if they fail it three times, they are required to wait a full year before attempting it again.

Test and Membership Costs

Each time they take the exam, they have to pay the full cost again. That cost ranges from $405 for members of PMI and $555 for non-members. The price of membership is more than $100 as of 2020. It becomes apparent why passing that exam the first time is important, not only for career goals but for saving money.